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The artificial intelligence and robotics research group MAVERICK is amply named. Lead by Prof. Gal A. Kaminka, the group is composed of M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, an occasional post-doc, and carefully selected undergraduates.  The group carries out research in a wide spectrum of areas, all aimed at understanding, modeling, and synthesizing social intelligence. In recent years, the lab focuses on cognitive modeling (modeling intelligence in humans) and teamwork in multi-robot systems (especially for security-related applications). The cognitive modeling research focuses on imitation, intent recognition, and modeling of social cognition processes (esp. social comparison) in groups and crowds. The multi-robot systems research focuses on understanding how robots can coordinate, cooperate and learn in order to carry out tasks that are too dumb, dull, or dangerous for humans. Examples of such tasks include multi-robot patrolling, and efficient coordinated movement in multi-robot formations.

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