RoboCup is an international research and educational initiative of universities all over the world (  American and Japanese universities initiated RoboCup event back in 1993, attempting to encourage Artificial Intelligence and Robotics research by providing a standard challenge in which a wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined. For this purpose, RoboCup chose to use the soccer game as a primary domain, and organizes every year The Robot World Cup Soccer Games and Conferences.
RoboCup includes a number of different robot soccer leagues that focus on different research challenges. In all, however, the robots are fully autonomous, and work without any external intervention by a human being. We participated in the Kid Size League (KSL) within the Humanoid league competition in RoboCup 2012 (June 2012 - Only 24 university teams worldwide qualified for the competition. The RoboCup™ 2012 contest took place from June 18th to June 24th, 2012 in Mexico City.
RoboCup Soccer Humanoid league involves Biped autonomous humanoid robots play in matches. In the KSL league, a team includes 3 robots, one goal keeper and two forwards. In this league all teams use state-of-the-art humanoid robots made by university teams from scratch or modifying available kits. All sensors are on-board. Robots can use wireless networking to communicate. In the KSL league the allowed sensors are only those that are parallel to human ones. For instance, since humans do not have distance sensors, distance sensors are not allowed for robots, in order to adapt the robots to pure human senses. Just a digital camera, gyro and accelerometer sensors are allowed.
We are the only university team in Israel that applied and qualified for RoboCup 2012 KSL. Among the universities competed were Virginia Tech, USA, University of Pennsylvania, USA, Osaka University, Japan, University of Bonn, Germany, University of Darmstadt, Germany, University of Hamburg, Germany and more.
It was our first time in KSL league ever.  In the competition, each university implements the research done within its robotics lab with soccer playing robots team. We presented an intelligent robots team that integrated our research in digital image processing, simultaneous localization and mapping, gait planning, path planning, multi-agent collaboration, team behavior and artificial intelligence, so that we can compete against top level universities worldwide.
Our achievements in the competition were remarkable. In our first time we participate, we won against universities from Germany, Australia and China. This achievement brought us to the quarter finals which mean that we are now ranked among the best eight universities in the world. In the history of RoboCup there was not a single university that came so high in its first year of participation.

Engineering Robotics Lab

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