Adversarial Coverage

Coverage is a fundamental problem in robotics, where one or more robots are required to visit each point in a target area at least once. Most previous work concentrated on finding a coverage path that minimizes the coverage time. In this work, we consider a new and more general version of the problem: adversarial coverage. Here, the robot operates in an environment that contains threats that might stop the robot. The objective is to cover the target area as quickly as possible, while minimizing the probability that the robot will be stopped before completing the coverage. This version of the problem has many real-world applications, from performing coverage missions in hazardous fields such as nuclear power plants, to surveillance of enemy forces in the battlefield and field demining. This problem has been considered in the offline veraion (in which a map is given in advance), the online version (in which the map is discovered as the robot covers the environment), in a single and multi-robot setting, and more.


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